Information to a user of the existence of file and application of consent for the automated processing of personal data.

Related to the personal data filled by the USER inty he contact and join us forms in this website of COINTEGA, from now on COINTEGA agrees with the legislation written in the law 15/1999 of Personal Data Protection and any other related law and informs the USER that these data will be saved in a file for its automatic processing and the USER gives his consent by means of the acceptance of these general conditions to the said treatment.

Purpouses of collected data.

COINTEGA gathers certain personal data freely provided by the USER through our website formswith the purpose of being able to purchase the different services as well as responding to and identifying the requests made by the USER. For this reason we need to know who he is so as to know his needs. COINTEGA informs you that it will manage these details in automated form for the administration, extension and improvement of its services and for technical and commercial purposes regarding the products and services offered. In any case, the data collected and treated by COINTEGA are only those that are fundamental to the purposes indicated above,.

Mandatory requirement for data entry

The use of the COINTEGA web site does not require registration as a USER,which will only be necessary in order to satisfy the purposes indicated above Some of the fields of the forms are mandatory, such as name or email. Case they are not properly filled inthe service may not be delivered or the requested information may not be sent.

Rights of access, rectification, erasure or objection.

The USER who provides his personal data in the join us or contact forms will have the right to access his data , rectificate, cancel or erase it at any time, by asking for it at info @,attaching to it a copy of the ID card. Anyway, COINTEGA undertakes to eliminate the personal details collected when they have ceased to be necessary or pertinent for the purpose for which they were collected.

Transfer of Data.

No data will be distributed to third parties. COINTEGA does not distribute data to any other company. COINTEGA informs the USER that by means of the acceptance of the present general conditions he gives his consent to the conduct of the corresponding transfer of his data, with the aim of being able to provide him with the services purchased, to those bodies and organisations which are intimately and necessarily linked with the provision of the different services which are offered on the COINTEGA web site .


COINTEGA guarantees the absolute confidentiality and privacy of thepersonal details collected and for this reason essential security measureshave been adopted so as to prevent the alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorised access and thus to guarantee their well being and security. However, COINTEGA cannot fully guarantee the absolute invulnerability of itssecurity systems as no security measures that are installed can currently beunbreakable, therefore COINTEGA will not be responsible under any circumstancesfor the incidents that may arise regarding the personal details when they arederived either from an attack or unauthorised access to our systems in such amanner that it is impossible to detect it by our security systems or alternatively when it is due to a fault of diligence of the USER regarding the custody and safekeeping of his access codes or of his personal details.

Cookies Policy.

COINTEGA uses cookies to obtain information and to carry out statistical analyses about the use of our web site and to make it possible for certain services to operate. COINTEGA cookies are anonymous and rare not refered to any USER data and cannot be linked in any wayto the data that the USER can have stored in his hard drive. The identity of the USER is never directly inserted into the cookie and therefore it cannot be intercepted. The only non-anonymous cookies, that is to say which make it possible to identify the person can only be assigned with the prior consent of the USER and only to permit his immediate identification so as to be able to gain access to restricted areas of our web site without the need for the USER to manually insert the password and thelogin.In any case, if the USER does not wish these cookies to be installed, he has the option of setting his browser to prevent it without their being any alteration or modification in the use of the COINTEGA web site , more information at Cookies Policy

Veracity of provided data.

The USER is responsible for the veracity of his data, and undertakes not to introduce false details and to proceed to the modification thereof if necessary.


COINTEGA is against spamming and never spams, nor does it permit spamming by users of the services of the Company. -COINTEGA only contact by email with users properly registered in his website as COINTEGA associated members, accepting that way its conditions and its data protection policy.


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